Gundam Spoof Comic Getting Animated, Cast announced.

We here at Nerd & Tie can’t get enough of Fat-Char, but it looks like Japan is dead-set to release an even sillier Char Aznable onto the fandom. The popular spoof comic Gundam-san is getting it’s own anime and Anime New Network just posted the cast list.

Katsuyuki Konishi: Char-san
Megumi Han: Lalah-san
Tsubasa Yonaga: Amuro-san
Kaori Nazuka: Sayla-san
Tohru Furuya: Narrator.
(See the link above for the complete cast)

Its worth mentioning Furuya was the original Amuro, while Megumi Han’s mother, Keiko, was the original Lalah.  (Although Keiko Han will be doing a supporting roll as well.)
Shuichi Ikeda, the original Char, however, is not in the cast.

The original comic wasn’t released in English, but the it was incredibly goofy.  With any luck, we’ll soon be laughing at a Char who’s supposed to be funny.

Source: Anime New Network

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