Steven Moffat + Star Wars = My Favorite Rumor Ever

Okay, so I’m 99% sure this entire thing is complete and utter BS, but a rumor currently floating around currently is trying to link Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat to a future installation of Star Wars.

Any clue if it would be Episode IX or a standalone piece? No information. Is he writing it? No one knows. Is he directing it? No clue. Is he making a ham sandwich on set? No idea!

But isn’t it exciting? Sort of? In a “watch the fan rage explode across the internet” kind of way? I mean, I can find no solid sources on this at all, and I think the site I got it from is pulling some sort of click bait stunt… but imagine the possibilities.

Possibilities of terribleness.

But hey, at least Star Wars was already terrible when it comes to women characters, so Moffat would fit right in.

Update: Sadly, Steven Moffat’s wife had to spoil my fun by denying the rumor –

Unless… of course! Her denying it is all part of Moffat’s plan to destroy the world with regenerating ewoks!

You heard it here first, kids!

Via Jedi News

Trae Dorn

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