Marvel Trademarks ‘Squirrel Girl,’ Time To Start Rampant Speculation!

So BleedingCool is reporting that Marvel has filed for a trademark on “Squirrel Girl.” For those unfamiliar, Squirrel Girl is probably the best character ever created in modern comics. She’s effectively a silver age style character running around the modern age Marvel Universe. She has the ability to control squirrels… and defeat anyone she fights.

Seriously, she is one of the few characters whose defeat of Doctor Doom hasn’t been retconned.

Anyway, you may be asking yourself “Why is it important that Marvel Trademarked her name?” Well Marvel usually only does that with a name if they intend to adapt the character into other media like film or television. This could mean several things in this case – since Jessica Jones is getting her own Netflix series (and Squirrel Girl worked as Jessica Jones’s nanny in the comics) she might turn up there. Just as likely is that Disney might be adapting Squirrel Girl into a kid friendly property – since it would involve LOTS OF ADORABLE SQUIRRELS.

No matter what though, it means more Squirrel Girl in general, and that’s a good thing.

Via BleedingCool

Trae Dorn

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