Area 51 Builds New Structure

So Foxtrot Alpha is reporting that Area 51 has a mysterious new hangar on site.

The location of this new structure, measuring about 225 feet across, is interesting as it is located right off the end of the runway, far south of the rest of the base. This location would keep it out of the immediate view of the general apron area, and would also allow for quick access to the runway, resulting in minimal taxi times.


This new hangar could also provide ‘scoot and hide’ support for large test articles, once again to protect them from overflying satellites, although this has never been needed in the past half century of operations at Area 51, so it is a little puzzling as to why it would be needed now. Additionally, adding such a facility to just one end of the base’s long runway system seems strange. If large scoot and hide shelters are a hard requirement, than putting just one at one end of the base makes little sense.

Personally, I think the new hangar is to hold the massive collection of Yugioh cards the Air Force keeps on hand at all times in case they’re required to duel en masse against an invading nation.

…it’s just a thought.

Via Foxtrot Alpha

Trae Dorn

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