No Current Plans For Iron Man 4

Iron Man may have been the film to launch the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but according to Robert Downey Jr. you shouldn’t be expecting to see Iron Man 4 any time soon… at least not starring him.

Downey is signed on to do both the currently in production Avengers 2 and the scheduled Avengers 3 but beyond that, according to Variety, he has no plans for a fourth Iron Man solo film.

As we mentioned on the podcast yesterday, this shouldn’t be too surprising for anyone. Avengers 3 is pretty far off on the horizon, and there are really only so many solo Iron Man stories that would work well onscreen. While Robert Downey Jr. is beloved (and is the perfect Tony Stark), we all knew he’d move on from the role eventually.

And that’s probably okay, y’know?

Via Variety

Trae Dorn

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