TV Rights to John Scalzi’s “Lock In” Purchased By Legendary

With FX developing Redshirts as a limited series and Syfy bringing Old Man’s War to our screens, it’s a good time to be a fan of author John Scalzi. Well, it just got better, as Variety is reporting that Legendary TV has purchased the rights develop Scalzi’s novel Lock In for television.

For those unfamiliar with Lock In, Variety summarizes it as follows:

The book revolves around a highly contagious virus that causes one percent – or five million – of the U.S. population to become paralyzed but fully aware, while the rest of the infected get nothing more than the flu, fever or headaches. A quarter of a century later, the immobile are able to borrow the bodies of “integrators.” After one of the paralyzed is murdered, the book focuses on two FBI agents who are called in to investigate a case that spirals into something far larger.

Personally I’m excited, as (if this gets picked up after being made into a pilot) it would be a rather unique television series.

Or I guess I could just go read the book.

Via Variety

Trae Dorn

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