Shatner to Appear in Third Abramsverse Star Trek Film?

Now that J.J. Abrams isn’t involved in the new Star Trek films, we really need to come up with a new shorthand for the “Alternate Reality” Star Trek movies. Anywho, according to Bad Ass Digest, a cameo has been written into the third no-longer-Abramsverse Star Trek film’s script for William Shatner (if he is willing to appear in the film).

If Shatner chooses to accept an offer to appear, the scene would apparently be integral to the plot — which makes we wonder what they’ll do if he says no.

Who are we kidding, unless there was some unknown health problem, Shatner would never say no.

Personally, while I love Shatner, it just sort of seems weird. While Prime Universe Spock was integral in the 2009 Star Trek (and it made sense for him to appear in into Darkness), the continued reliance on the old cast does not bode well for the new reality.

Via Bad Ass Digest

Trae Dorn

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