Holy Crap, a Hover Board That *ISN’T* a Hoax!

So we’ve all seen the hoax version, but it appears that hoverboards are actually happening. Now don’t get too excited – because this is reality, the hoverboard has some limitations. It doesn’t hover at that high of an altitude, and it only works on a compatible surface like copper… but c’mon… HOVERBOARDS!

Hendo, the company behind it, is currently running a kickstarter to fund further development, but man… this is neat. I’ve embedded the Engadget video below if you want to see more of it:

Via Engadget

Trae Dorn

Trae Dorn has been staffing conventions for over twenty years, and is a co-founder of Wisconsin’s longest running Anime convention No Brand Con. Trae also wrote and drew the now completed webcomic UnCONventional, and produces the podcasts BS-Free Witchcraft, On This Day With Trae, Stormwood & Associates, and The Nerd & Tie Podcast. This leads many to ask when the hell they have time to actually do anything anymore. Trae says they have the time because they “do it all quite poorly.”

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