Spider-Man: A Franchise in Turmoil

The writing on the wall seems pretty clear: Andrew Garfield may not be Spider-Man for much longer. The Amazing Spider-Man 2, while profitable, was the least successful Spider-Man film for Sony. That’s right, even Raimi’s Spider-Man 3, which caused the reboot that cast Garfield in the first place, did better in the box office.

And even if the film had been successful, there are reports that Garfield may have personally offended the higher ups at Sony by ditching an important meeting last minute with company executives. Combined with his previous comments blaming executive meddling for ASM2‘s faults… it’s getting hard to explain why the guy is still signed on.

The recent email leak has also hinted at Marvel trying to negotiate a deal with Sony to share the character — and Marvel definitely wants a clean slate for the character if they manage to get something down. But even if that falls through, Sony may still recast Spider-Man in future films just because.

The whole damned thing’s a mess.

Via Mashable

Trae Dorn

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