Paramount Wants “Guardians” Feel For Star Trek 3ish

There’s been a lot of speculation about why Robert Orci is out as director of the third Abramsverse Star Trek film. According to Badass Digest Orci left the film due to disagreements about the film’s tone — as apparently Paramount wanted the film to more closely mimic a fairly successful space opera from earlier this year.

That would, of course, be Guardians of the Galaxy.

This could be either a good idea or a terrible idea. I mean, sure Star Trek IV shares a lot of qualities with Guardians of the Galaxy, but its humor felt organic. The last time the studio tried to demand that same tone out of the franchise… we got Star Trek V.

No one wants another Star Trek V.

This whole thing could end up being a tremendous mess, and frankly has me a bit concerned. It’s an obvious temptation for Paramount to demand that they ape the successful Marvel film, but the largest problem the revised film series has had is the loss of Trek’s signature tone that it spent decades building. It worked out fine in the first Abramsverse film (as it was an origin story), but it caused the second to suffer.

Does Trek need to change tones? Yes. But not necessarily to that of a competing franchise.

Via Badass Digest

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