For Your Saturday, Here’s Trae Singing Shake It Off

Since it’s Saturday night, I’m assuming you’re all partying right now. Maybe with a particularly cool and attractive person.  Time to set the mood with music.

Here’s Trae performing a cover of Taylor Swift’s Shake it Off” as Lt. Snorkel.

Happy Saturday, y’all!

Pher Sturz

Christopher, or Pher as most Great Apes refer to him (except for Chimpanzees – because they’re rude and never tip waiters either…), is a normal looking Homo Sapiens Sapiens. He’s so normal looking, he’s the host most likely to turn out to be a serial killer or trained assassin. Pher claims he is not, but that’s exactly what we’d expect him to say. Pher has never cofounded an anime convention, which makes his life incomplete and Nick and Trae just feel sorry for him most of the time. Pher left Nerd & Tie at the end of 2016.

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