Zack Snyder Supposedly Wants a Dark, Gritty Green Lantern

So while some are passing around the rumor that Green Lantern won’t be in DC’s Justice League film plans, my favorite completely unsourced rumor of the day says quite the opposite: Zack Snyder wants to cast a “darker” and “broken” middle-aged Hal Jordan.

So… Grimdark Green Lantern.

Because the DC Carnival of Sadness must have its blood.

While there is literally nothing out there to back this up beyond one blog just sort of saying so, I find this completely believable. Of course, it could also be made up. Personally, I’d rather have no Green Lantern than a Hal Jordan Green Lantern, grimdark or not.

But that’s just me and my hatred of Silver Age incarnations.

Via TechTimes

Trae Dorn

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