The CW Orders Pilots For a Lot of New Genre Shows

So The CW announced a bunch of new pilots they’re ordering, and of course there’s some choice genre television mixed in there. Well, shows that has the potential to be choice genre television at least.

First off, a Tales From the Darkside revival may be coming to us via Alex Kurtzman, Bob Orci and Joe Hill. As Orci is off both Star Trek and Power Rangers, it’s nice to see him working on something.

Secondly there’s Cordon, a remake of a Belgian show. Cordon is set in Atlanta, where (due to a deadly outbreak) the city has been quarantined. Between this and Walking Dead, Atlanta really can’t catch a break.

To add to the pile, there’s Dead People, a show about a guy who sees… well… dead people. I could give you a breakdown, but it would pretty much sound like every other show or movie about a person who sees dead people. Could be good, could be bad — it’s all in the execution.

…no pun intended.

Also, on a side note, they’ve ordered a pilot for something called “Cheerleader Death Squad,” which has a plot that sounds like someone trying to make a serious version of DEBS, minus the lesbian love story or Jimmi Simpson.

It’s nice that The CW is taking chances, and it will be interesting to find out which of these (if any) ever makes it to air.

Via Deadline, io9

Trae Dorn

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