‘Wonder Woman’ May Start Filming in the Fall

Since Suicide Squad now has a cast (and is the next DC film to come out post-Batman v Superman: Dawn of the Legend of the Seeker of Justice), it’s pretty well assumed it will go into production soon. But since the future of the DC onscreen franchise relies on our combative World’s Finest, most have questioned how safe the rest of the films on DC’s roadmap are if BvS underperforms at the box office. How likely is it we’d still get our Wonder Woman movie?

Well, the odds are actually pretty good. According to Deadline, Wonder Woman will go into production this fall, which means Warner Brothers will have a huge amount of money invested (and principal photography possibly completed) by the time the followup to Man of Steel comes out.

Which means that no matter what we should finally get a theatrical Wonder Woman solo film, and that would be awesome.

Via Deadline

Trae Dorn

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