‘Independence Day 2’ Has Its Leads

So the long-in-development but finally happening Independence Day 2 (or as I like to obnoxiously refer to it as “ID4-2“) finally has cast its leads.

Will Smith is not returning so far as anyone can tell, but Jeff Goldblum has committed to the sequel and will return as David Levinson. Replacing Smith will be Jessie Usher, who will portray the son of Smith’s Steven Hiller. The second coolest Hemsworth, Liam, will portray an as-of-yet-unnamed character who may or may not be related to Bill Pullman’s character from the first film.

Because it’s vital for anyone who does anything important in a sequel to be related to the people who did important things in the first one.

Or something.

Anyway, no word about the rest of the cast beyond “We’re pretty sure Randy Quaid won’t be in it.” I mean, his character is dead and all too… but that feels almost secondary at this point.

Via io9

Trae Dorn

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