Gen Con Threatens To Leave Indianapolis If Governor Pence Signs Controversial Religious “Freedom” Bill

Gen Con, arguably the most important gaming convention in the world, has written a letter to Indiana Governor Mike Pence stating that if he signs the controversial SB 101 into law that the convention will consider moving elsewhere. SB 101 would allow businesses to deny same-sex couples service under the guise of “religious freedom.”

Mostly it’s codified bigotry.

Gen Con’s statement made it fairly clear that they believe that the passage of the law would make Indiana a hostile home for many of its attendees, and that they would consider leaving. Gen Con currently has an attendance of over 56,000 and brings in tens of millions of dollars of tourist revenue to Indianapolis. While their contract to hold the convention at its current venue lasts through 2020, the convention is not afraid to pick up and move — as it did so from Milwaukee to Indianapolis in 2003.

Frankly, that move proves the show can easily relocate, which is why Governor Pence’s lack of concern is downright puzzling — as he’s stated he intends to sign the bill into law regardless.

Via The Indianapolis Star

Trae Dorn

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