Iceman Now Canonically Gay

Literally (and I mean for decades) there have been ongoing theories that original member of the X-Men Bobby Drake (aka “Iceman”) is, in fact, not straight. Fans have asked whether the character is bisexual or gay for so long, it made it into an episode of Family Guy. Well, tomorrow’s issue of “All-New X-Men” will put the issue to rest.

Iceman is gay.

The news came out as pages of the comic leaked online:

Personally, I see this as a good thing. I mean, we all sort of knew it already anyway.

Via io9

  • Andrew Wurm

    While it is totally a good thing, I’m gonna echo comments that I’ve seen elsewhere that I hope Teen Jean is called out for how invasive she is with her telepathic powers. I’ve been reading Bendis’ run on All-New X-Men, and as good as it is, Jean has no boundaries whatsoever, and she really needs to get called on that soon. Confronting Teen Bobby about his sexuality when it was his decision whether or not to tell people is a massive breach of privacy on Jean’s part. Hopefully that will be dealt with.