Fox Making a ‘New Mutants’ Movie

According to Deadline, Fox has decided to (unsurprisingly) keep milking the X-Men license as much as it can – now with a New Mutants film.

Josh Boone will direct, and he’ll co-write the script with Knate Gwaltney.

Created by Chris Claremont and Bob MacLeod in 1982, the New Mutants are an offshoot of the X-Men. Ostensibly just a set of teenage students at Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters trying to learn to control their powers, they somehow always managed to find themselves in danger.

Or something.

I never read New Mutants.

The film is in early stages and won’t come out for several years, but it just goes to show that licensing the X-Men and its derived properties was probably the best move Fox ever made.

Via Deadline

Trae Dorn

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