MomoCon Attendee Reports Harassment, Gets Harassed By Staff

When you find yourself being sexually harassed at a convention, you usually assume that reporting it to the con’s staff is the best thing to do — that you’ll find a sympathetic ear that (at the very least) wants to make you feel better and tries to help you out.

Well that’s not exactly what happened for cosplayer Luna Lanie at MomoCon this weekend in Atlanta, GA.

You see, after being physically groped by a harasser, not only did MomoCon staff give her an initially lukewarm response, but then the con’s security staff began to repeatedly harass her and tell her that it was her own fault for wearing revealing cosplay.

She goes into detail in the video embedded below, and has made additional statements on Facebook since:


Now this is clearly unacceptable behavior for a convention staff, and it’s just mind boggling to try to figure out why exactly any of this was considered a good idea by MomoCon’s operators.

Mostly it’s just disappointing to see a con in this community treat one of their attendees like that.

Update: Another cosplayer has come forward to report that con security staffers slapped her butt without consent (around the 8 min mark).

Update 2: MomoCon has issued an official response.

  • brykanst

    fuck that con then report the con staff to the police in that area make sure the mayor’s office is aware of the issues and have the convention removed from that city

  • Christine Crabb

    My thanks to both of these brave women for speaking out!

  • Pope The Rev XXVIII

    PR Stunt

    • I don’t see how multiple women getting harassed is a PR stunt for anyone.

      • Pope The Rev XXVIII

        To bring awareness to Con Harassment. You underestimate human stupidity.

        • I think your logic is a bit strained here.

          • Pope The Rev XXVIII

            it makes perfect sense when you realize how these people think.

          • Okay… so who are “these people?”

            Are you saying Luna Lanie is talking out about this as a PR stunt? Because she really isn’t — and isn’t the only person coming forward. Hell, just watch the second video on this post.

            This is a massive problem in the community that a lot of people have swept under the carpet for a long time. There’s no faked up “PR stunt” happening here.

          • Pope The Rev XXVIII

            You can cover your ears and go LALALALALALALALALALALALALALALA and pretend this attention grab isn’t a PR Stunt but in due time. It’ll be proven I’m right. Like I always am.

          • Preeetty sure you’re a moron. A naive, naive moron. If you think this is the worst thing I’ve seen a con staff do, you’re nowhere close.

            Even MomoCon’s official statements corroborate her story.

            “PR Stunt?” Take that weak sauce elsewhere.

          • Pope The Rev XXVIII

            Tell me I’m a Moron to my face. DO IT I’ll even tell you where and when.
            I’m smater than you, I make more money than, I better at life than you.

            sure defend the attention whores.

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            And then claim to be “smater” than me? I just want to pinch your chubby little cheeks and muss up your hair! 😛

          • Pope The Rev XXVIII

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            not that I blame you. I wouldn’t wnat to fight me either. I like being able to walk.

          • …no, because I’m an adult. And getting into fistfights is what twelve year olds do.

            And I DO think that after twenty years of experience with conventions as an attendee, volunteer, staffer, vendor and occasionally guest of honor, I *do* know more than you on this particular topic. I have witnessed and seen much worse than what’s being talked about here.

            But that’s not what makes me better than you.

            What makes me better than you is that you literally have nothing else to do right now than sit on my website challenging me to a fight.

            I mean, honestly, how sad is that?

          • Pope The Rev XXVIII

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          • You just keep proving me right.

            You’re just that sad, huh.

          • Pope The Rev XXVIII

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          • Pope The Rev XXVIII

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          • Pope The Rev XXVIII

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          • Pope The Rev XXVIII

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          • Pope The Rev XXVIII

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          • Pope The Rev XXVIII

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          • Everything you’ve ever said has been undercut by the fact that YOU keep showing up on MY website.

            You can go away now.

            (And I don’t actually run a convention anymore. I stepped out of it a couple of years ago — and you’re not going to hurt my feelings by calling probably one of the most culturally and historically important cons in the region names though… you just can’t)

          • ProfessorPher

            This is the funniest goddamn thing I’ve seen all week.

          • Nicholas S Schneider

            What are you, 12?

  • Con Mom

    I am the mother of 12 and 14 year old daughters who attended Momo Con
    and I was present to supervise. As a mother, I would NOT agree this
    cosplayer wore a full coverage bikini top.

    thought the con was appropriate and family friendly, but we left every
    day by 8:00 pm. No adult took a picture of my girls without asking my
    permission first. My girls and their friends were not harassed in any
    way and one of the friends was dressed as Artemis from Young Justice
    with a bare belly, but really good coverage everywhere else. I would
    much rather my daughters attend Momo con than Dragon con!

    said that, Cosplay is NOT consent and I agree that no matter what she
    was wearing, no one should put their hands on her without consent. More
    education at all cons about that would be a VERY good idea. And it never hurts to educate security more either about how to interact with attendees.

    We will attend this con again.

  • Amanda

    A comment on reddit by the con chair. I’m sure he’d never act that way. (This is the reddit account he uses for managing momocon’s subreddit, and answering/advertising on behalf of it btw, so it’s not like he tried to hide it or use a separate account).