‘Mother’ Finally Coming to the US as ‘EarthBound Beginnings’

Most of the people who read this blog are at the very least vaguely familiar with the classic Super Nintendo game EarthBound. What some people don’t know (although, again, our readers probably do know) is that EarthBound‘s original name in Japan was Mother 2 — as it was a sequel to the Famicom game Mother.

A game which never seemed to get localized for the United States. It almost came at one point, and fan hacked ROMs of the game have also circulated. No matter what though, the game never seemed to materialize.

Well, after decades of waiting, American fans can finally get a legal, official version of the game. Nintendo announced yesterday that Mother is now available on the Virtual Console as EarthBound Beginnings. You may now commence rejoicing… and playing the game.

Now we just need to get them to localize Mother 3

Via The Mary Sue

Trae Dorn

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