Hallmark Releases Poorly Timed Star Trek Ornament.

We were all shaken earlier this year when Star Trek star Leonard Nimoy died. We all cope and deal with these things in different ways, but looking at Hallmark’s geeky ornaments for this Holiday season has definitely showed me the wrong way to cope.


That’s right, Hallmark has boldly gone where there is no taste. What represents the Holiday season better than dying Spock? Its not just that, its TALKING, DYING SPOCK. Yes, for only $30, you can relive the traumatic experience of losing Spock when it hasn’t even been a year since the actor playing him actually died.

I’m not saying this shouldn’t exist. I’m just certain that the timing is hilariously bad.

Nick Izumi

Nick Izumi is, for all intents and purposes, a human being. We’ve checked repeatedly, and they continue to assure us this is true. Nick is the cofounder and former staffer of the Wisconsin Anime Convention “Daisho Con,” and occasionally smells like flour and memories of your forgotten youth. They also created and star in a series of reviews on YouTube called "The Nick Izumi Show." You should watch it.

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