John Hurt’s War Doctor is Coming Back in Audio Drama Form

John Hurt’s The War Doctor may have been shoe-horned into the Doctor’s timeline to let the plot of of the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special work once Christopher Eccleston refused to appear, but he’s been embraced by the fandom pretty strongly. I mean, he’s John Hurt, so that’s probably a part of it. It seemed unlikely that we’d ever see this particular incarnation of the time lord again though, as the 50th ended his story so well.

Well, we weren’t completely right on that last bit.

While he’s not coming back to screens, John Hurt will return to the role of the War Doctor in a new Big Finish Audio Adventure. Titled “Only the Monstrous,” it’s expected to be out this December. Hurt will be joined by Jacqueline Pierce, who plays a time lady. The audio story is intended to be part of a bridge between the the audio adventures of Paul McGann’s eighth Doctor and the revived ongoing television series.

Personally, I’m very excited.

Via io9

Trae Dorn

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