Wait… ‘Starhunter’ Is Coming Back?

I’m not shy about my love for Starhunter and its follow up/second season Starhunter 2300. It was, in my opinion, the last great B Science Fiction TV series. Produced in the early 2000s before special effects got inexpensive, on a constrained budget it had to be carried by the charm of its cast and nothing else. I mean, let me put it this way — the show was so cheap, one of the props was clearly a painted Palm Pilot (the VII if my memory serves me).

You may see that as a criticism, but I say that with deep affection.

Anyway, a new episode of the Canadian show (in it’s Starhunter 2300 incarnation) hasn’t aired since 2004, which is why I was startled when series co-creator Philip Jackson posted an official press release to the show’s Facebook group announcing the return of Starhunter.

I am so not kidding.

The new series, titled Starhunter Transformation, has been amazingly greenlit for 22 episodes. According to the press release, it will be a continuation of the “original series” storyline (although whether that includes the 2300 plot is unknown). Series stars Michael Paré and Tanya Allen are back as well.

Besides the new series, special editions of the original Starhunter and Starhunter 2300 are being produced for home video release, which will include updated special effects, scenes cut from the original release, and possibly new footage shot just for the re-edited versions.

You can read the press release for more details, but that’s really the crux of it. No word yet on when the new show will air or when the new version of the old series will be released, but we’ll be watching it carefully.

Or at least I will. I mean, c’mon, it’s freaking Starhunter.

Trae Dorn

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