Doctor Who’s K9 is Getting a New Movie

According to its official Facebook page, K9, everyone’s favorite robot dog from Doctor Who, is getting a new movie. The film will see the small, canine shaped mechanical hero take on the disembodied Time Lord Omega (mostly remembered from his appearance in The Three Doctors).

It’s unknown which incarnation of K9 the film will feature, as it could potentially be the original K9 Mark I last seen in the 2009 K-9 TV series or the K9 Mark IV (which has the memories of the Mark III) last seen in The Sarah Jane Adventures. Likewise, if it is the Mark I, it’s unknown if the K-9 series will be considered canon or not. Mostly I’m just sure it probably won’t be K9 Mark II, last seen in E-Space with Romana, because that would just be ludicrous.

K9: Timequake comes out some time in 2017.

Via Facebook