Syfy Developing ‘Vanessa Helsing’ TV Series

So Neil LaBute is developing a series for Syfy called Vanessa Helsing — which is like Van Helsing, y’know, if he was a girl. Get it? I mean, never mind that “Van Helsing” was the character’s complete last name…

Anywho, the series itself actually sounds pretty cool — it follows Vanessa, the most recent descendant of a long line of vampire hunters, as she fights in a world pretty much ravaged by a vampire apocalypse. Effectively it’s like Buffy if the vampires had won.

It’s not a bad concept, and the only remaining question is whether or not they’ll execute it well. LaBute’s track record is spotty (as it includes the remake of Wicker Man), so I’m sticking with a “wait and see” approach.

Via io9

Trae Dorn

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