‘Cassius and Clay’ Cancelled by FXX Before it Could Air

When the FXX series Cassius and Clay was announced last summer, we were pretty intrigued. The animation team behind Archer was going to make a post-apocalyptic Mad Max-esque story with a cast that featured talents like Kaitlin Olson, Lake Bell and Susan Freakin’ Sarandon. With Adam Reed and Megan Ganz driving the creative side of the project, it looked like it would be amazing. Well, now it looks like it’s going to be nothing.

Despite FXX originally putting in a ten episode order, Cassius and Clay has been cancelled before it could ever air.

This is, honestly, kind of infuriating. It would have been nice to see a women-led action comedy on television, and the show appeared to have the talent behind it to pull it off. No episodes have been produced beyond the pilot, although it’s unlikely we’ll ever see what that actually looked like (unless maybe some season of Archer manages to sneak it in as a DVD extra). It’s spot in the lineup will apparently now go to a as of yet untitled Louis CK led project instead.


Via Deadline