New York Convention Planned for Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary

Star Trek turns fifty years old this year, so it should be no surprise that (with the franchise’s long history with convention culture) that a new event is being planned in honor of the event.

According to THR (which isn’t exactly the first place I’d expect to find convention news), New York Comic-Con organizers ReedPOP are putting together ‘Star Trek: Mission New York’ September 2-4th. For the record, that’s Labor Day weekend (and the same weekend as Dragon Con), and just a few days before the actual anniversary which is September 8th.

Held at New York’s Javits Center, ReedPOP’s Lance Festerman says the new official event will give fan’s “the chance to go beyond panels and autograph signings, and immerse themselves in the Star Trek universe.” New York is also important because it was the location of the first Star Trek convention in 1972.

Now this isn’t to be confused with Creation Entertainment’s official Star Trek convention in Las Vegas, which will be held a month beforehand. Which of these two events will end up being larger this year is a question that remains to be seen.


Trae Dorn

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