‘Gambit’ Loses Its Release Date to Untitled Fox Studios Marvel Film

The Channing Tatum led, Doug Liman directed Gambit movie has had a rocky road to production. It’s been off again and on again so many times I want to make a 90s sitcom reference or something. The latest news is rather mixed, as the film appears to have lost its release date.

While the film still is theoretically on, the October 7th 2016 release date has instead been given to an unnamed Fox studios Marvel film. Fox also announced a second unnamed Marvel-property film for January 12, 2018.

The Gambit movie is still scheduled to go into production this spring, so maybe that latter date is intended for the project. It’s not exactly glowing news though to be replaced with “a player to be named later” on the release schedule though.

Via Polygon

Trae Dorn

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