Bryan Fuller’s Star Trek Series Will Shoot in Toronto this Fall

While most shows in the franchise have filmed in Los Angeles, it appears that the forthcoming (as of yet untitled) Star Trek being put together by Bryan Fuller will actually shoot in Toronto. The choice in using the Canadian city for when production begins this fall shouldn’t be too surprising though, as Fuller is also showrunning Starz’s adaptation of American Gods (which is also produced in Toronto).

There isn’t a lot of confirmed information about the show. Rumors have stated that it’s set in the Prime reality (and not the Alternate reality of the current film franchise), that it will be an Anthology series (each season with a different setting), and that the first season will be placed between The Original Series and The Next Generation… but none of these have been confirmed by the studio.

Heck, it’s entirely possible none of that is true.

What we do know is that Nicholas Meyer (writer of all the best Star Trek films) is helping Fuller write the show, and that it will premiere in early 2017 (likely January) on CBS All Access (with the pilot also airing on CBS proper).

In any case, I’m excited though.

Via TrekCore

Trae Dorn

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