‘Supergirl’ Season Two May End Up On The CW

So for the longest time we’ve assumed that Supergirl‘s renewal would end up being pretty cut and dry. While there hadn’t been any official announcements, CBS President Les Moonves pretty much came out and said it back in March. Since then though, there’s been nothing but silence — and that’s had many of us worried for what is literally one of the best new shows to come out of any network this season.

Well, we finally know why it’s taken so long to renew “literally the only thing I or any of my friends watch on CBS” — and the answer is money.

The Wrap is reporting that CBS is balking at the expensive $3 million dollars per episode that currently goes into Supergirl. CBS wants that number to be, y’know, smaller while the producers of Supergirl kind of don’t.

One idea that has apparently been floating around has been to move the show to joint CBS/Warner Bros run network The CW. While it’s demographics may be more in line with Supergirl‘s audience, it’s important to note the entire reason CBS picked up the show was to get some viewers who will still be breathing in five to ten years.

Honestly, I’m not sure what the best outcome is here. No matter what, I know I want more Supergirl — but would it be better to stay on CBS with larger budgets or shift to The CW where it would have less money but a more stable future? It’s a tough choice.

Via The Wrap

Trae Dorn

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