Reminder: They’re Still Making a ‘Tetris’ Movie

I don’t want to be writing this article, because it’s part of the ongoing evidence that we don’t actually live in the real world. Instead it leads me to believe we live in the absurdist caricature of reality imagined by a satirist in some far better world. On the other hand, if that’s true, it does at least mean there’s somewhere better out there at least. I’d like to go to that other world.

You see, because in this one, as we reported over a year ago, they’re working on a friggin’ Tetris movie.

Details were pretty scarce before, but now actual details of this nightmare are emerging. Deadline is reporting that the film will be a $80 million China-U.S. co-production, with Threshold Global Studios and Seven Star Works at the helm.

The Sci-fi thriller (so… about half the parody trailers were right) will be shot in 2017, at least partially in China. They apparently want to turn this thing into a trilogy too, so wrap your head around that for a minute.

This is terrible. Everything is terrible.

Via Deadline

Trae Dorn

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