Vixen Will Appear on ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Season 2 — But Not the One We’ve Met

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is designed to have a rotating cast, and with the exit of a couple of major characters at the end of last season, a lot of people have been wondering who exactly would take their place. Well, we may know who one of those heroes is… sort of. TV Insider is reporting that Vixen is expected to join the cast of the show…

…well, at least a Vixen will.

While we’ve met Mari McCabe played by Megalyn E.K. on both the CW Seed webseries Vixen and on an episode of Arrow, her career has started to take off and is a bit too busy to appear on Legends of Tomorrow. If you recall though, the character’s powers come from a totem that has been passed down from one generation to another. Thanks to the time traveling nature of the show, the version of “Vixen” will be a different member of the family who owned the totem either before or after Megalyn E.K.’s character.

Time travel is confusing.

No word yet on who will play this other Vixen, but once she’s cast we’ll be sure to let you know. Honestly, it seems a solid way to still promote the character’s brand while the actress who usually plays the character is unavailable. I’m definitely happier to see this solution being used rather than a recasting of the role.

Legends of Tomorrow returns next season on Thursday nights on the CW.

Via TV Insider

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