‘Orphan Black’ Renewed For Fifth and Final Season

BBC America’s Orphan Black is, arguably, one of the most well acted shows in the last decade of television. Tatiana Maslany’s performance as a collection of clones is a tour de force, having to often share scenes with just herself. The fact that it’s so easy to forget it’s the same actress playing all of the characters speaks to how good the show is.

Despite the fact that it’s literally one of the best shows on Television though, the ratings haven’t always followed. Every year the show sits on the bubble, with fans not knowing whether or not it will return for another year. Well, we have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that Orphan Black has been renewed for a ten episode fifth season. The bad news is that this will be the series final one.

I mean, it makes sense. From a storytelling perspective, they can only go so deep before they start running out of conspiracy to explore. It’s often best if a show is ended before the writers run out of material. Frankly, the show being over is our heroes only real shot at a happy ending anyway.

Orphan Black‘s final season is expected to air in the first half of 2017.

Via Variety

Trae Dorn

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