Pacific Rim 2 Gets a Release Date

Pacific Rim was, by far, our favorite movie of 2013 here at Nerd & Tie. It had giant robots, it had kaiju, it had giant robots punching kaiju… it was just everything. Most importantly though, it managed to stay completely away from the concept of “grimdark” — which for the most part we’re kind of sick of. I mean, there was bad stuff, but the movie just still felt optimistic.

Even through an apocalypse.

Financially the film was a mixed bag — it didn’t do that well in the US, but internationally it was a hit (especially in China). A sequel was announced pretty quickly, but then it went into limbo for a while. The possibility of Pacific Rim 2 showing up got less and less likely.

But then everything turned around.

First, we found out a script was compeleted for the sequel. Then a new director was announced — with Steven S. DeKnight taking over from franchise creator Guillermo del Toro (who is just a busy, busy man). Then earlier this month, we started getting casting news – with John Boyega joining the cast. The only question remaining was “when are we getting a release date?”

Well, the answer is now.

Univseral and Legendary have officially announced that Pacific Rim 2 will hit US theaters February 23, 2018. While that release date puts it squarely between Marvel’s Black Panther and an unnamed Fox Marvel film (likely Deadpool 2), it’s important to note that this film isn’t really for us. It’s for China, and we’re getting it too.

And I’m going to be so happy to see it.

The best part is, Star Wars Episode VIII will likely still be in some theaters then, and you might be able to totally do a John Boyega scifi double feature at some places.

Because that would be amazing.

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Trae Dorn

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