So Chris Wood is in Supergirl’s Pod, But Who is He Playing?

The season finale of Supergirl left our heroine staring into what appeared to be a recently crashed Kryptonian capsule, cutting away without revealing who or what was inside. And while fan theories have run the spectrum from Krypto to Comet, we finally got a (somewhat) concrete answer at SDCC that the character in the capsule will be played by Vampire Diaries actor Chris Wood.

Of course, we still don’t know who the heck his actual character is.

There are several options, like some variant on Conner Kent (though that doesn’t make a huge amount of sense without introducing a heck of a lot of obscure continuity). What a lot of us think is more likely is that Wood is playing Lar Gand/Mon-El, a character who sometimes uses the alias “Valor.” In the comics, Lar Gand is actually a Daxamite and not a Kryptonian, but the two races are closely related (and both are given powers by our “yellow sun”). The primary difference is just that rather than having Kryptonite as a weakness, Daxamites are negatively effected by lead.

And not like in the basic way that humans are vulnerable to lead.

Maybe I’m wrong though — maybe he’s someone else entirely. In any case, we’ll all find out who Chris Wood is playing when Supergirl returns this Fall on Monday nights.

Via Cinema Blend

Trae Dorn

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