Clarkson, Hammond and May are Back in the Trailer for ‘The Grand Tour’

For over a decade, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May hosted the BBC’s Top Gear — and it was amazing. Honest to god, it’s what got me back into cars as an adult. But then Clarkson had what is best described as a bad day, and punched one of the show’s producers. While it’s completely understandable that the BBC decided to fire him, most of us were still sad to see that version of the show go. Frankly, it meant no more Top Gear for a lot of us (as I have a hatred for the other Chris Evans, though now that he’s off the show I might check it out).

Clarkson, Hammond and May landed on their feet though, of course, as they soon made a deal with Amazon Studios to produce a new show. And while multiple titles got tossed around, they apparently settled on The Grand Tour. We also now have a trailer for the show, which makes the new show look pretty damned familiar for long time fans of the trio. I could add more comment, but honestly, I’m just excited to get to watch more of the three.

The first episode of Amazon Prime’s The Grand Tour will premiere on November 18th, with a new episode following every week after for the rest of the first season.

Trae Dorn

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