‘The Dark Tower’ Film Release Delayed Until Summer 2017

The film adaptation of The Dark Tower seems to be perpetually just out of reach. After a good decade of going in and out of development hell, the movie finally started coming together last year. The film got a couple of amazing lead actors, filming actually happened, and it looked like it would actually make its February 2017 release date.

Well, sadly not so much on that last one.

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that the film has hit delays in post production, and the film will now find itself on the Summer schedule for 2017 instead. While it’s a special effects intensive fantasy epic, but The Dark Tower only has a budget of $60 million. As the effects were taking longer than expected to produce, the studio had to choose between delaying release or pouring millions more into the film to get it done in time.

It’s not the worst news we could get at this point, but considering how rocky a road the film has had (and how long its taken for the film to actually happen), it does seem like it’s a bit cursed.

Which, I guess, would be appropriate?

Update: The release date is now July 28, 2017.

Via EW

Trae Dorn

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