‘Young Justice’ Season 3 Going Into Production

Well it seems like any series can come back from the dead these days if their is enough fan demand. Case in point, Young Justice (which was cancelled three years ago by Cartoon Network despite decent ratings) is now going back into production for a third season.

The animated show has yet to find a network, so we’re not sure where the revived series will end up. While Netflix has been the focus for most people trying to bring the show back (as they currently carry the first two seasons on their streaming platform), it’s entirely possible that Warner Bros. Animation and DC Entertainment may decide to bring the show elsewhere.

Personally, I think it’s pretty great the show is coming back. Young Justice was the victim of the weird market segmentation mentality pervasive in the toy and entertainment industry. While ratings were high, since the show wasn’t moving enough toys it got cancelled. Hopefully this time around, the focus will instead be on how well the content resonates. Fortunately, superheroes have, if anything, gotten more popular in the last few years – so this will hopefully lead to more than just a single additional season.

Via Deadline

Trae Dorn

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