Lin Manuel Miranda Will Produce Screen Adaptation of Patrick Rothfuss’s ‘Kingkiller Chronicle’

Patrick Rothfuss’s book trilogy The Kingkiller Chronicle is being adapted as an ambitious film/television series, and it just got a new producer: Lin Manuel Miranda

Miranda will be the show’s “musical mastermind,” composing original music and writing songs for the project. Miranda’s deal also includes a bit saying he’ll be involved with any stage adaptations of the material that might happen down the line too.

Lionsgate’s adaptation is fairly complicated affair. It will begin with a movie adaptation of The Name of the Wind written by Lindsey Beer, followed by a television series (under Rothfuss and Miranda’s creative direction) which will explore and expand the larger world of The Kingkiller Chronicle.

Jeyun Choi Munford and Nirokhi Raychaudhuri are working on the film side, and Chris Selak and Andy Richley are working on the TV end. Robert Lawrence is also helping produce both the films and the television series.

It seems like everything is nicely coming together on this.

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Trae Dorn

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One thought on “Lin Manuel Miranda Will Produce Screen Adaptation of Patrick Rothfuss’s ‘Kingkiller Chronicle’

  • May 15, 2017 at 4:12 am

    Miranda hires people for his Broadway plays based on skin color. He openly advertised that he doesn’t hire white people, except for the one role of the villain who must always be cast as an effeminate gay white man. The play Hamilton itself is based on the concept that when black people are cast in the roles of historical white people, they have to rap and say m’f’er. So it’s pretty much racist against everyone, and then they preach about racism to a white man in the audience who they wouldn’t allow onstage because of the color of skin he was born with.

    So how will he make Kingkiller into an interesting movie? Kvothe goes to the lunchroom at school and people gossip, then his teacher is mean to him and he gets suspended, then a rich kid is racist to him and he gets suspended, then he plays the best guitar solo anyone’s ever played, then he talks too loud in the library and gets suspended, then he goes to another school and nobody will talk to him in the lunchroom.

    Maybe they’ll​ skip those parts and focus on the rape. When a 15-year-old virgin girl gets raped, her boyfriend asks why she snuck off into the woods at midnight to secretly meet the type of men that Kvothe’s mother snuck off to have sex with. Kvothe brutally assaults the boy for asking, and threatens to murder the boy. When a boy victim-blames a girl, that boy deserves death. When a 15-year-old virgin boy is raped by a serial killer and narrowly escapes death, his girlfriend Denna blames him for sleeping around, while she’s been dating his friends and also the racist who tried to murder him. Kvothe blames himself for displeasing his girlfriend. After all, he did go into the woods willingly. Like the teenage girl did.

    Also when an adult teacher and/or prison guard seduces a teenaged student/death row inmate, it’s okay for the teacher to beat the student bloody in the face after sex. The student should be ashamed for displeasing the adult sexual partner, and society should shun the victim of domestic violence. It’s okay because the teacher told the kid, “This sex with you doesn’t mean anything to me.” Plus it’s okay because the abuser is of the stronger gender who has all the social and political power in society, and it’s explained to the kid that “Your gender has no reproductive rights, and in fact no one of your gender has anything to offer the world.” And he’s just like “Yeah, I can’t even think of a valid argument against that.”

    Or maybe TV audiences will love to watch the story of a little boy who sees his parents murdered, then barely survives, homeless and starving for 3 years on the streets, being beaten and raped in back alleys, and then as soon as he can afford his first pair of shoes, he meets a girl who tells him that her life is much harder than his, because she’s a woman and it’s not easy to eat free steak dinners and get free fine clothing and jewelry while staying for free in luxury hotels with room service. Then he is actually shamed and apologizes for thinking his life was hard compared to hers. Then she gets high on heroin and he has to deal with her drugged-up behavior while he also fights a dragon. (It was an “accident”, she had “never seen drugs before”, even though she knows everything else about underground criminal activity.) And she just leaves while he’s fighting the dragon, and the next time he sees her she accuses him of being the one who wandered off without explanation, and he apologizes and tries to make it up to her. I’m sure it will make more sense on TV.


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