A Promo Just Spoiled the ‘Arrow’ Midseason Cliffhanger

The CW’s Arrow left us with a major cliffhanger in the last five minutes of the midseason finale. I mean, it was kind of a big deal (enough of one where I don’t want to immediately spoil the SETUP of said cliffhanger). But whoever cuts the promos for The CW must not agree with how important it is…

…because their latest promo for the series just spoiled the crap out of it.

Now before we get into it, please know that if you continue to read this, we plan on spoiling the crap out of it too. Consider youself warned. Spoilers ahoy!

Okay, everyone ready? Good.

The midseason finale showed the apparent return of Katie Cassidy’s Laurel Lance. Now, as the character is kinda dead (and the Lazarus pits were destroyed), this was kind of surprising. We’ve all been trying to figure out how it happened (Flashpoint, an imposter, a Wizard did it), but the latest ad for the next episode… kind of completely gives it away:

So – yeah, it’s pretty obvious that the Laurel Lance who has showed up in the metahuman Laurel Lance from Earth 2 (as introduced last season on The Flash). We know Barry decided against telling the Arrow team about alternate-Laurel, so they probably aren’t quite ready for it.

While it’s nice the explanation will fall in line with the series continuity without any bizarre stretches of logic, it’s disappointing to discover the apparent twist ahead of the episode.

So yeah, don’t tell your friends.

Trae Dorn

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