Awesome Games Done Quick Raises Over $2 Million for Prevent Cancer Foundation

For the past week, buttons have been mashed, sleep has been lost, donations have rolled in, and records have been broken. Not just speed records on how fast these video games can be played, but also how much money can be raised in a week by the people speed running and those watching (both in person and through their full coverage livestream on Twitch.)

This has been the most money raised in Games Done Quick‘s seven year history, and the most raised during any of their past fourteen marathons. All of the money donated during the marathon is going to the Prevent Cancer Foundation with help from sponsors like The Yetee, Bandai Namco, Magfest, and good friends of Nerd & Tie, the tech wizards of World 9 Gaming.

It is an impressive feat for AGDQ. To hold what is basically a tiny convention for an entire week takes so much work from the event staff, technical staff, speed runners, announcers, and hotel staff. This is a great event that does great things for the gaming community and for charity and this year has proven to be the greatest yet.

Coming up later this year will be Summer Games Done Quick on July 2-9, and you can catch up on previous marathons since 2014 on the GDQ YouTube channel.

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