Quick Honey Badger Brigade vs Calgary Expo & The Mary Sue Update

We wanted to post a quick update on the lawsuit MRA group “The Honey Badger Brigade” filed against Calgary Expo and The Mary Sue back in Fall of 2015. If you recall, the suit was filed because Calgary Expo kicked the MRA group out during their 2015 event as they misrepresented the artist booth they were occupying and were disruptive to the event. The Mary Sue is also named in the suit because they wrote about it? I guess?

That bit’s never made sense to anyone.

We bring it up again because a hearing was held last week, and the judge has decided to let the case move forward. Apparently, and this is according to The Honey Badgers themselves, the judge felt they needed more time to prepare their case. Personally, I think the judge just wanted it to be someone else’s headache.

The case is scheduled to proceed in late November, and we’ll continue to follow it.

Trae Dorn

Trae Dorn has been staffing conventions for over twenty years, and is a co-founder of Wisconsin’s longest running Anime convention No Brand Con. Trae also writes and draws the webcomics UnCONventional and The Chronicles of Crosarth, which leads many to ask when the hell they have time to actually do anything anymore. Trae says they have the time because they “do it all quite poorly.”