Fans Are Angry That Creation’s ‘Star Trek: Las Vegas’ Will Charge Extra for Next Generation Reunion Panel

Creation Entertainment’s events aren’t your typical conventions, but those who attend them are usually guaranteed a very specific experience. This is especially true for people who shell out for the con’s $849 “Captain’s Chair” or $929 “Gold” packages, which get access to exclusive events, food, and in the case of the Gold members, autographs.

Gold and Captain’s Chair tickets sold out quickly, and these attendees were led to believe that the tickets included admission to all of the con’s programming. Needless to say then, when a 30th anniversary Star Trek: The Next Generation reunion was put on the schedule, it was expected that at least those attendees would be able to attend as part of their package.

Except not so much.

When tickets initially went on sale for the TNG Reunion Panel, attendees found that even for those premium ticket holders the panel would cost extra. In fact, if Gold level ticket holders want to sit in the same seats they have reserved for every other panel, it would cost them $125 in additional fees. You can probably guess what the fan reaction has been:

There’s also quite a bit on some of the Facebook groups dedicated to the event, but as those aren’t publicly visible we didn’t want to repost their contents.

When fans complained to Creation Entertainment about this ridiculous additional cost, they apparently didn’t get the greatest response:

Honestly, this whole thing is sort of nuts. After spending almost a grand on admission to an event, to be later told that it doesn’t include one of the biggest selling points for the convention is just ludicrous. Since the initial outcry began, Creation Entertainment has temporarily disable ticket sales for the panel, and hopefully that’s a good sign.

I wouldn’t hold my breath though.

We reached out to Creation Entertainment while writing this story, but have yet to receive a response.

Update: Creation Entertainment has tweeted out an updated policy:

While this means Gold and Captain’s Chair ticket purchasers will get in to the panel for no additional charge, Copper ticket buyers and others will still have to pay for the additional ticket.

Trae Dorn

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