Bonkers Russian Superhero Movie ‘Guardians’ Is Getting a US Blu-Ray Release

The movie Guardians was Russia’s answer to the American superhero craze, and (at least based on the trailer) the film looked absolutely bonkers. A lot of us have been hoping that we’d get to see the movie stateside since its release last February, and have been waiting with bated breath to find out if and when it was coming out here.

Well, it seems like we can all exhale.

It’s now been announced that Shout! Factory has acquired the US distribution rights to the film. The company will be putting out a DVD and Blu Ray release of the movie out later this year, hitting store shelves on September 5th. This is, frankly, probably the best possible news we could hope for. I mean, we get to watch a movie where a guy who turns into a bear shoots a massive machine gun.

Who wouldn’t get excited about that?

Via Bloody Disgusting

Trae Dorn

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