Cosplayer Alisa Norris (aka ‘AlisaKiss’) Participated in Charlottesville White Supremacist Rally

Look, we’ve been actively avoiding talking about the “Unite the Right” White Supremacist rally that recently took place in Charlottesville, where one of the participants decided to drive full speed into a group of counterprotesters – killing one and injuring quite a few others. We figure here at Nerd & Tie that you’ve stopped by our site because you want to avoid thinking about what a garbage fire the world seems to be falling into. Sadly though, sometimes the real world intercepts with fandom and we’re forced to bring it up.

You see, it turns out that popular cosplayer Alisa Norris (aka “AlisaKiss”) attended the rally, and no – she was not a counterprotester. As Russ Matthews pointed out on Facebook:

Norris can be spotted about fifteen seconds into this video holding her husband’s hand as he shouts “Jews will not replace us.”

GIF version Courtesy of Bleeding Cool

Norris took part in White Nationalist event, and her husband has openly admitted to being one. I’m not a big fan of letting Nazis and White Supremacists into conventions or working with them, and I know I’m not alone. It’s very clear Norris is a supporter of that movement, and the community needs to take stock of that.

Clearly some people already have decided to take a stand, as it appears that the webmaster for Norris’s site has resigned. On their way out the door, the now former webmaster took down the website,, and replaced the contents with the following:

While I’ll be the first to admit that taking the site down on the way out the door wasn’t really all that professional, it is kind of satisfying to see.

  • xero

    well her carrer is DONE
    Geeks can’t be racists So she aint one

    • Terence Clark

      I only wish that were the case. Sadly the geek community is populated with its share of sexists, racists, etc. Perhaps a lower ratio than the population at large, but even that I’d question.

      • PretenderNx01

        Geeks are people, every people issue is still an issue for us too. I agree I think geeks tend to be more progressive but going back to the early 2000s on the internet I found geeks could still be regressive too.

      • Terence Clark

        I’m a particular fan of the No True Scotsman fallacy. Not because it’s fun to point out, though it is, but because there’s a real danger in it. We can try to scalpel the worst elements among us out by defining them as out of the club, but it doesn’t solve the problem, and there’s no guarantee the outside world will see it that way. At best it’s a safety blanket we can fall asleep with at night. At worst its enabling.

      • Terence Clark

        Also, xero, I’m not picking on you or calling you out, for the record. Just clarifying that we have our own demons to deal with. Please don’t take it personally.

    • Belaam

      While certainly not 100% crossover, you’ll find a lot of Trump fans on Gamergate sites. It’s a pretty clear path through Breitbart of “ethics in journalism” to “fake news”.

      • AmyCat

        Yep. I was just going to point out the GamerGate f*ckheads and their offspring in the Sad Puppies/Rabid Puppies movements (gaming the Hugo award voting to try to push out “SJW-approved” science fiction award nominees). The leader of the Rabid faction’s an actual white supremacist scumbag who goes by “Vox Day” (which can be conveniently and appropriately abbreviated to “V.D.”). It’d be nice to disavow the bigots among us as “not TruFans”, but as Terence Clark points out, it doesn’t solve the problem. 😿

  • Cpt_Justice

    & she LIED!! OMG, there was no “stand down” order – if anything,the cops just let the Nazis beat on everyone else!

    • FZ

      Nonsense. Kooks showed up on both sides, not everyone initially there were with either extreme

      • Bullshit.

        One side was fucking Nazis and White Supremacists.

        The other side took “radical” stance that promoting genocide is bad.

        The white supremacists killed someone.

        The “other side” might have done a little vandalism.

        Take your false equivalence the fuck off my website.

      • Cpt_Justice

        What’s nonsense is thinking that ANYONE defending that statue was not an extremist, or that anything you said takes away from the fact that she LIED about a “stand down” order. Ask yourself why.

      • Trump..? Is that you..?

  • Zavadoot Vardarim

    She’s been pretty big in the cosplay community for a while (as in prolific, I don’t know if you could call her famous, simply that you’d have a difficult time not seeing photos of her back in the early 2000s). Recalling back to the mid 2000s when amateur porn pictures of her went out on 4chan (and apparently she still operates an adult site) I’d say this coming out isn’t much a surprise. Obviously she’s been a very trashy, attention seeking individual for many years.

    • Anie Witcher

      Umm … what EXACTLY does her work as a fetish model (not amateur at all by the way, she’s a paid professional) have to do with her horrific views? Her coworkers and producers in the adult modeling industry are rather publicly denouncing her. Being sexy and sexual have NOTHING to do with being a shit-stain racist and it’s insulting to a lot of really good people that you’re implying a correlation there.

      • devilsadvocate

        Jane Smith was making a connection between her using her body and why some people will defend her behavior because you know, bewbs. I agree that someone doing porn or fetish videos or whatever should not be shamed. I want to think most of us are past that. I think what Jane Smith was saying is that she might not get the proper punishment for being a racist because they would rather fap to her than ruin her cosplay career. Don’t take everything as a personal attack. Context helps.

        • Brandon Teasy

          Pay better attention to context yourself. The statement “Obviously she’s been a very trashy, attention seeking individual for many years” is a clear attempt to correlate her adult modeling work with her actions here. How you read it your way is mystifying.

          • devilsadvocate

            You are very defensive and thirsty over a racist nobody. THAT is mystifying.

          • Anon Adderlan

            Nah, he’s very defensive over correlating adult work and narcissism with #Fascism. But I guess #SlutShaming an entire category of people is acceptable if one of them happens to be a #Nazi.

    • Dude, her doing erotic modeling has nothing to do with anything, and slut shaming definitely has no place on this website, even if the person in question is a gross Nazi sympathizer

  • Shane Wheeler

    Superman. Invented by two Jews. He’s basically a Super moses sent down the river of space. So… I think I can safely say fake geek on this one?

    The S stands for Hope, not Sig Heil.

    • Adam Steed

      Real Talk.

  • devilsadvocate

    If this she knew her history, she would know that Superman was created by Jewish guys. Not only is she a gross racist but she ‘professional cosplayer’ who gets special treatment but doesn’t know her material. She is a Culture Vulture who appropriated a character for personal gain. I hope the fanboys who bought her overpriced selfies feel good about themselves.

  • Amber Kindred

    i know this girl real well she’s always been a stuck up twat.
    watch her divorce jonathon so fast it will make his head spin, just to save her image. 😀

  • Reggen Zuigt

    alisa farrington is her maiden name should you feel like doing a little digging on this hitler sweetheart.

  • Teto85

    And nothing of value was lost.

  • FZ

    Careful, you start seeing Nazis under every bed and you become what you hate

    • They’re really easy to spot when they carry swastikas, iron crosses and chant Nazi slogans.

      • Anon Adderlan

        Context is everything.

  • Marc Justice

    Leave alisa alone or i will find or someone like you and make you pay. From the deep dark hills of eastern kentucky._.._.

  • Marc Justice

    U synagogue of satan and the lies you tell yourselves make me sick and sorry for you perverts

    • We pointed out that a Nazi is a Nazi. Where’s the lie?

  • Dark-Tzitzimine

    Well this doesn’t really come as a surprise to me after seeing the creepy misogynist fetish crap she participates in. One flavor of disgusting is often linked to others.

    • Anon Adderlan

      Believing those behaviors are linked, let alone that people share the same definition of ‘disgusting’ as you do, is exactly how a #Nazi thinks. And it’s exactly the kind of thinking still being used to go after #Homosexuals and #Transgenders.

      • Dark-Tzitzimine

        Sorry, I can’t take anyone who uses hashtags seriously.

  • Anon Adderlan

    I just want to point out that we didn’t discover her #Nazi proclivities because she dressed like one, or even cosplayed a parody of one, but because she was at the rally being one. And the reason I bring this up is because I’m increasingly concerned at the superficial ways we’re using to oppose and identify so-called #Nazis, which too often cross the line into #Nazi like methods themselves.

    Like banning satire? Yeah, that’s what #Fascists do.

  • L Alkhoury

    This is old news now… OK … but what was up between the webmaster and Alisa before the march? I tried to join and was rejected more than once by the webmaster (not CCBill) without explanation. This webmaster must have been trying to strangle the site and found a good excuse. Definitely not professional.