Syfy Cancels ‘Dark Matter,’ But Renews ‘Killjoys’ For Two Final Seasons

Both Killjoys and Dark Matter just finished up their seasons on Syfy. But even though the two shows have similar ratings, only one show which involves a rag tag spaceship crew led by a woman with a mysterious past with a snarky ship’s AI in a dystopian corporate run future trying to stop an alien menace which takes over people is going to live to see another day.

I’m not saying these are the same show at all, but they are definitely what happens when two very different creators try to execute the same premise.

Both shows are three seasons in, and the end is in sight for both of them. For Killjoys, this isn’t really bad news — the show is being given two more ten episode seasons. That means the show will have a five season run, and the writers will have two years to finish up their story. Five seasons is a solid run for a show on Syfy.

Dark Matter on the other hand is being shown the door. A show that ironically had a five season plan won’t continue any further, as Syfy has opted to outright cancel it. Honestly, it makes sense — Dark Matter is more effects intensive and has a larger cast. The show’s just more expensive to make in general, and with the same ratings it probably isn’t worth the money.

I mean, especially since Killjoys is a better version of the same show.

The third series on Syfy’s summer lineup, Wynonna Earp, was already renewed for a third season back in July — so it’s not like the landscape will change all that much. I liked Dark Matter, but it was a show mostly carried by the charm of its cast. Frankly, there were several “plot twists” spoiled by series star Melissa O’Neil being too good of an actress for the material provided to her by the writers.

Too bad it ended on a cliff hanger, though that was pretty much the way every episode of Dark Matter ended.

Via EW

Trae Dorn

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