142. Vic Mignogna v. His Career

On this episode the Vic Mignogna saga continues, as he’s now filed a lawsuit against Monica Rial, Jamie Marchi, and Funimation. We also talk about our recent experiences at No Brand Con and Karoshi Con. Also, we recorded this in a Super 8 in Dekalb, IL right after Karoshi Con, and we may be a tad loopy. It’s a fun episode… I mean, except for the parts where we talk about sexual harassment and assault accusations.

That part’s not fun.

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3 thoughts on “142. Vic Mignogna v. His Career

  • October 27, 2019 at 1:31 pm

    Personally, I don’t think he had a choice in the matter. His career and life was ruined overnight due to baseless accusations. Not one shred of credible evidence has come to light and the defamatory comments from his accusers only fueled the fire. If it’s proven in this case that Monica, Jamie, Ron, and Funimation were deliberately trying to conspire and ruin his career with deliberate malice, or if they’re caught lying under oath, then THEY are gonna be outed out as the bad guys here in the public eye, and that’s not gonna look good for them in the slightest. That million dollars is gonna be the least of their problems.

    • October 27, 2019 at 2:25 pm

      1. His career would have hurt for a while, but lets be realistic — many famous guys come back from shit like this all the time.
      2. Do you have any idea how sexual assault and harassment incidents work? There is almost never any evidence beyond the testimony of the accuser and the accused. Corroborating stories are literally the best evidence you can get in these situations most of the time.
      3. “Conspire.” Dear lord, do you really hear yourself?

      • October 27, 2019 at 3:14 pm

        Actually, many incidents supposedly occurred at a con, in public meaning if anything there would be photo and video evidence, cause honestly, who is at a con and not recording to taking a picture of everything? As I was stating, most photos taken and used as proof were proven to be falsely used, for example the one article made by a writer from ANN, using a photo of a girl with vic (they blurred her face of course) but the girl came forward tried many times to contact ANN about how what they are saying about the photo was false and they refused to talk to her about it, she eventually took to twitter and saying her piece. Again that is only one occurrence. But there have been claims made by many people for many things that stem from this situation that have been proven false (I.E the fake swatting claims out of many other things), so honestly, if you really pay attention, they are making themselves look really bad. Plus I have learned that “believe all victims” is sometimes bullshit, cause sadly I had a friend who was falsely accused, luckily the girl’s brother caught her in her lie (her lie also came with “he hit me” accusations as a cherry on top to the sexual accusation brother walked in on her hitting herself to cause bruises.) So that being said, I started to look at facts and any evidence that are given, I look at everything that they put out on the plate, and all I keep seeing is lies and I say that because that IS what I am seeing. BUT one thing I do want to say, if it is true and Vic did do all those horrible things, I think anyone who didn’t do anything about it to begin with should be punished as well, think about it, Monica gets “sexually harassed/ assaulted” claims hes a friend and he won’t ever do it again, she literally let him go so he could do it to another girl….She should have known better and actually reported him, and no not to the con they were attending but to the police, cause if you look, there are no records of Vic (and yes you can search under his full name as well, not just Vic) ever being reported for anything, meaning if there were over 30, which I think its supposedly over 100 girls now, if any one of them had reported him, there would be public records about it. So again if it is true, monica let him go and do it again instead of stopping him so she should be held accountable, along with any other girl who just let him go.


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