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Christopher, or Pher as most Great Apes refer to him (except for Chimpanzees – because they’re rude and never tip waiters either…), is a normal looking Homo Sapiens Sapiens. He’s so normal looking, he’s the host most likely to turn out to be a serial killer or trained assassin. Pher claims he is not, but that’s exactly what we’d expect him to say. Pher has never cofounded an anime convention, which makes his life incomplete and Nick and Trae just feel sorry for him most of the time. Pher left Nerd & Tie at the end of 2016.

MUSIC102 – Introspection for Beginners (2/11/2016)

Professor Pher’s Music Study Hall returns for another weeks of music from some of the more interesting independent music acts out there right now. On this episode Pher brings you songs of deep introspection, heavy metal, and some Harry Potter fanfic. Like the previous episode, it’s eclectic.

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The opening music is “Darkness Rises” by Lt. Snorkel.

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MUSIC101 – Class is in Session (2/4/2016)

Professor Pher’s “Music Study Hall” is a podcast featuring independent musical acts from across the Midwest and Greater American Landscape. On this episode Pher brings you rock, he brings you some roll, and he brings you some not-Rock ‘n Roll. It’s eclectic.

Never want to miss an episode of Professor Pher’s Music Study Hall? Then take your favorite pod-catcher and subscribe to this podcast

Where to find the music in this episode:

The opening music is “Darkness Rises” by Lt. Snorkel.

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DC Can’t Be Asked to Use Google, Calls Language of Pakistan “Pakistanian”

It’s been a weird few days here at Nerd and Tie,  so let’s take our minds off of it by visiting the oft-traveled to DC Carnival of Sadness we’ve all come to know and expect.

DC just released their yearly, and impossibly painful thing to type, Superman/Wonder Woman romance anthology. This anthology uses several short stories to explore the romantic relationship between the two (ugggggggggggh). The second story of the anthology takes place in Pakistan, and features lots of translated dialogue in bracketed bubbles. That’s all good and fine, except….


It’s all translated from “Pakistanian,” a language that, well…doesn’t exist?

Pakistan is a big place with a long history, and as such several languages are spoken across the rather large country.  There’s Punjabi, Sindhi, Urdu…heck, even English is spoken prominently in some regions.  This, of course, could have been learned in about two seconds by googling “languages in Pakistan”, but apparently DC is just too busy to look up geographically important information when they’re writing an anthology for which nobody is asking.

Via io9

Evangeline Lilly Discusses The Wasp’s Future in Facebook Q&A

Be warned, dear reader! There are Ant-Man spoilers beyond this point!


Ant-Man was an incredibly fun addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It was a movie that never took itself too seriously, yet added to the continued story that Marvel has been building over the years.

One thing we here at Nerd & Tie were disappointed in, however, was the extreme lack of Evangeline Lilly as the Wasp. It was hinted at numerous times throughout the film that she would be taking up the costume, yet all we really saw of it was a thirty second post-credits sequence in which she never even put the costume on. As you can imagine, this left a lot of fans and moviegoers curious as to the future of this character.

In a Facebook Q&A on Monday, Lilly said she hopes Marvel will bring the character back in future films, adding she’s not been able to actually wear the costume because she’s been “too pregnant” to try it on.

It would be nice to see the character appear in future movies, as Lilly definitely kicked all sorts of butt in Ant-Man, and it would be neat to see her do that on a larger (well, smaller) scale.


Ant-Man is now in theaters.

KITT For Sale

Do you love the 80’s? Could you put a price tag on that love? Would that price tag be somewhere between $200,000-$300,000?

Well guess what, 80’s fan? For just the low low price of a quarter of a million dollars, a true slice of that decade can be yours! The Wrap is reporting that the car made famous by the second greatest thing David Hasselhoff has ever done is now up for auction at the Julien Auction House,  along with several other famous television/movie vehicles. Not only will you get the car, but you’ll get all sorts of neat things from the show that will help prove to everyone that no one loves the Hoff more than you.

They haven’t said whether or not William Daniels is going to be included, but for a quarter of a million dollars? I’d call shenanigans if he wasn’t.

Via The Wrap

Bethesda Softworks Launches Website with Countdown, Fallout 4 Speculation Runs Wild

If you’re like me, you spent waaaaaaay too many hours back in 2008/2009 sitting in front of your 360, lights dimmed and eyeballs bleeding as you roamed the post-apocalyptic wastelands of Washington DC in Fallout 3. When you finished, you wanted more. MORE. Sure, Fallout: New Vegas was alright,  but it just wasn’t the same as Bethesda’s masterpiece.

After years of petitions, DEMANDING that Bethesda just give the people what they want, it appears that…something is about to be announced?

Yes, earlier today Bethesda launched a 24 hour countdown timer that is leading up to what most are assuming is the announcement that Fallout 4 is indeed happening. Or it will be an announcement about an announcement. E3 is only two weeks away, and most gaming journalists figured that would be a pretty good time to give some basic information.

Or maybe Bethesda is just screwing with all of us and we’re about to see what’s for lunch in the cafeteria next week.

At any rate, we’ll find out whether or not to stockpile our bunkers for the apocalypse tomorrow morning.

Update: The link now takes you to the Fallout 4 trailer. Rejoice!

Black Widow’s Coolest “Age of Ultron” Moment Turned into a Toy; Black Widow Left Out

It was probably one of the coolest scenes in Age of Ultron, right? Cap and Natasha are chasing down Ultron, and Black Widow jumps out of the Quinjet on a motorcycle and flies through the streets of Seoul to- well, we all saw it.  And it was badass. And how cool of a toy would that make, am I right?

Well, Marvel and Hasbro have teamed up to bring you that toy so that you can re-create one of the best scenes of the movie! Well, as long as you don’t want to have Black Widow in it. 

Yes, a toy based on one of the best scenes from the badass lady Avenger doesn’t have her in it. Instead, Captain America has taken the role from Black Widow and is the figure included in the set. That doesn’t even make sense. If Captain is riding the cycle, WHO’S FIGHTING ULTRON?

We see merchandising failures from DC and Marvel time and time again when it comes to the female demographic, but this just goes beyond reason. At some point, shouldn’t someone have said “Yeah, but guys…isn’t Black Widow in this scene? Shouldn’t we…no? Oh…okay…but…”. Something, ANYTHING, to point out that they were leaving out a crucial character. The fact that the crucial character left out is a woman, not to mention Marvel’s recent leaked e-mail problem …  it makes you wonder if anyone at the top is even trying.

Come on, guys. Try? Just…just a little bit?

Via io9

CBS Reveals Details about “Supergirl” Show, Goes the Obvious Route

Back in September, we reported on Trae’s new-found “prophet of doom” powers, as well as the news that the Supergirl series had been picked up by CBS. Now, months later, CBS has decided to spill the details about what this Supergirl series will be about.

To the surprise of maybe three people, the network that has brought you three different NCIS shows, four different CSIs, and two different Criminal Minds, is bringing you Supergirl: The Crime Procedural. At a press event in Pasadena on Monday, CBS Entertainment chairman Nina Tassler revealed that yes, Supergirl will be a crime procedural.  She advised folks not to worry, though, since it’s gonna be totally different from those CBS shows and more like OTHER CBS shows!

“The beauty of it is now with shows like Good Wife and Madam Secretary, you can have serialized story elements woven into a case of the week. She’s a crime solver, so she’s going to have to solve a crime. She’s going to get a bad guy.”

Tassler did promise that the show would feature strong, independent women and that Supergirl, who has yet to be cast, will be your “everywoman.”  Along with that, she also revealed that the costume design will be done by Colleen Atwood, notable for her work on both Arrow and The Flash.

Expect CSI: Metropolis to drop in the fall.

via Entertainment Weekly

Paramount has Submitted Transformers: Age of Extinction to the Academy

In a move that can only be described as “Someone over at Paramount got really blitzed the other night”, Paramount Pictures has submitted Transformers 4: Age of Extinction to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences as a candidate for a Best Picture nomination.  Paramount, a movie studio that’s been around long enough to be taken entirely seriously, submitted the blockbuster movie earlier this week. Not only have they asked it to be considered for best picture, but Michael “KABOOM” Bay has also been submitted as Best Director, an award won previously by Martin Scorcese, Francis Ford Coppola, and Steven Spielberg.  Several other technical aspects of the film were also submitted for consideration.


Just because Paramount decided to hit the submit button, however,  doesn’t mean the Academy will allow it to be nominated. First, the application must get past whomever will look at said application, have a hearty laugh, and call everyone over because “hey guys look at what Paramount sent to us”.

In other words, don’t expect Michael Bay & company to get played off the stage during their explosion-filled Oscar acceptance speech anytime soon.

via Escapist Magazine