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Throwback Thursday: 3DO to Go – FIFA International Soccer

So, it’s another week, and we thought we’d do another installment in our least consistent regular feature “Throwback Thursday.” On this installment, we’re finally drying up the 3DO to Go well with the only episode to never get featured in this space.

That’s right, it’s time for FIFA International Soccer.

I’m not sure what else to say about this game, other than it’s soccer. If you like soccer, you might like this game. If you don’t like soccer, you can appreciate six person multiplayer? I guess?

Throwback Thursday: 3DO To Go – Pyramid Intruder

Hey, we’re doing Throwback Thursday again, and therefore digging up another episode of 3DO To Go. In this episode I reviewed Pyramid Intruder, a 1995 Japanese only release by Taito. Pyramid Intruder is one part remake, one part adaptation of Sega’s LaserActive title Pyramid Patrol from 1993.

And… well… it’s not terrible? I mean, it’s not amazing, but it’s worth a look.

Throwback Thursday: 3DO To Go – Paddock Note 95

With the start of our new retrogaming Let’s Play series 3DOh No!, we thought we’d bring back our old “Throwback Thursday” feature this week with another old episode of 3DO To Go. The episode we’re sharing is from the last time Vinnk randomly sent me 3DO games I didn’t understand with the Fuji Television classic… Paddock Note ’95.

This one gets way weirder than the rest of these old episodes.

Throwback Thursday: 3DO to Go – Importing Japanese 3DO Games

Hey, we bothered doing Throwback Thursday this week! How exciting! Or not! Depending on whether you like this section or if you think it’s dumb!

Anyway, on this installment of our occasional internet wayback machine, we hit up another episode of my old webseries “3DO to Go.” This installment isn’t actually a game review (like most episodes), but is instead a video on importing games from Japan.

It’s a bit out of date on one aspect, in that it mentions “Rising Stuff” — a website that cosponsored this series that no longer exists. So… yeah… you’ll have to find a different retailer to actually buy games from. 2009 was a crazy time.

But it’s still an entertaining video!

Throwback Thursday: 3DO to Go – Zhadnost, the People’s Party

Hey, it’s a Thursday and I happened to remember this week that we occasionally have this particular feature… so here we go! On this installment of Throwback Thursday we dive back into old episodes of 3DO to Go I shot way back in 2008.

This episode I look at Zhadnost, The People’s Party – which is by far my favorite party game ever made for any system.

Throwback Thursday: 3DO to Go – Escape From Monster Manor

Hey, we’re doing Throwback Thursday this week! That’s good, or something. Anyway, in this installment’s blatant recycling of old pre-Nerd & Tie content, we return to 3DO to Go, my 3DO video game review show. This week’s experiment? Escape From Monster Manor.

In the video you’ll notice I randomly pick a developer’s name out of the credits and declare “I’m going to get you, Stefan Henry-Biskup!” Well, eventually he watched the video… and agreed with my review.

Stefan Henry-Biskup seems like a cool dude.

Throwback Thursday: 3DO to Go – Samurai Shodown

I almost forgot to post this today, but hey — it’s still Thursday. On this installment of Throwback Thursday, we dig back into the archives of my old youtube series 3DO to Go. In this episode I reviewed the classic fighting game “Samurai Shodown” (also known as Samurai Spirits in Japan).

It was a part of my attempt to avoid only reviewing bad games — because 99% of retro game reviews focus just on the low points of videogaming history. Anyway, enjoy.

Throwback Thursday: 3DO To Go – Guardian War/Powers Kingdom

So on a previous Throwback Thursday I posted an episode of my old 3DO game review show “3DO To Go.” I thought it might be nice to post another one this week… because I posted something of Nick’s last week.

And we’ve been alternating turns.

Anyway, this time out I did a review of “Guardian War/Powers Kingdom.” Sorry for the sound quality, but hey — thems the breaks.


Throwback Thursday: 3DO to Go – Total Eclipse

Did you know that I used to do a series of 3DO game reviews called 3DO to Go? I did! It was for the now long defunct website Rising Stuff, which was run by a couple of friends of mine (one of whom is Vinnk of Famicom Dojo). Originally titled the plain old “3DO Game Review,” I eventually renamed the show “3DO to Go” halfway through the ten episode run.

For this Throwback Thursday, I thought I’d share with you the first review I did so many years ago back in 2008. Enjoy… and I apologize in advance for the rollercoaster ride of volume levels that this video is going to give you.