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Important and Exciting News About Nerd & Tie!

Find Nerd & Tie at Cons This Spring!

We’re not doing as many cons this Spring as we have sometimes in the past, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be out in the world! The three of us are going to be hitting up a couple of cons in the upcoming weeks, and we want to make sure you know where we’ll be.

First off, all three of us will be at two different cons in April:

  • Karoshi Con – April 8, 2017
    Northern Illinois University – Dekalb, IL
  • No Brand Con – April 21-23, 2017
    Chula Vista Resort – Wisconsin Dells, WI

It’s unknown if we’re doing a live show at either event, though there will be (at the very least) “secret podcasts” recorded at both events. Also, you will find Gen and I (Trae) in the Artist Alley at both events, and Nick helping his wife’s table at Karoshi.

I will also be on my own at the INDYpendent Show in Indianapolis, IN on Sunday, April 2nd. The INDYpendent Show is a small press and independent comics show held in conjunction with Who’s Yer Con, and admission is free.

We hope to see you out there!

So There Won’t Be a 2017 Nerd & Tie Expo

Hi folks, I don’t like coming to you with bad news, but there’s not really any way to beat around the bush on this one. It’s with a lot of disappointment that we have to announce that there will be no 2017 Nerd & Tie Expo.

We had a great time in 2016, and while attendance was lower than we hoped, we felt the con was a big success honestly. We expected the first year con to lose money, so that wasn’t really a problem. Unfortunately, with the loss of the Plaza Hotel as a possible venue and the ongoing lawsuit brought by CEO Ryan Kopf against us, we had to look at a lot of hard realities we hadn’t counted on.

The fact is, we just don’t have the budget to put on another show in any of the available venues where we’d have any chance of breaking even. Either we’d have to limit our size too much in what we could offer, or the price was too high. We just don’t feel confident we could deliver an experience close to what we gave you the first time around.

And that sucks.

In the next week we’ll finally get around to posting the long promised official photos from the Nerd & Tie Expo. Hopefully, once the dust has settled (and we’re not forking out all available cash to our lawyer) we can bring back this amazing event.

We love you, and when we see you at cons we don’t run, please don’t be a stranger. If you’re willing to help contribute to our legal fund, you can do that too.

Nerd & Tie Welcomes Our Newest Team Member – Gen Prock!

Many of you know that Pher Sturz has stepped down from Nerd & Tie (Episode 89 was his final installment of the podcast). While we’re sad to see him leave the team, we’re happy to welcome the person who will be filling his seat on the show. That person, of course, is Gen Prock.

Gen has guest hosted the show on a couple of episodes in the past, and we’re super happy to have her on board. Gen has a long history in the convention scene, having been a long time staffer of No Brand Con as well as selling her art at events under her studio name “Ocelotdude Designs.”

She made it very clear to us that we should mention her love of sweaters, ice cream and ocelots. She also made it clear that we should not allege that she sneaks off into the night in a cape and cowl, fighting crime in a city that society has failed. Gen says that is totally not a thing that is happening, and that we should stop running up to strangers on the street declaring “THERE GOES THE DARK GUARDIAN OF OUR CITY!” while pointing at her.

You can find on twitter at @ocelotdude, and her work is for sale on her Etsy and Society 6 stores.

The Current State of ‘Ryan Kopf v Nerd & Tie’ (We Need Your Help)

So, as some of you may remember, I and my Nerd & Tie podcast co-host Pher Sturz are being sued by owner and CEO Ryan Kopf. This has been ongoing for almost a year in various forms, and we’ve written about it repeatedly (most recently when it was refiled in Illinois this last July). We haven’t been updating our coverage that much, because it hasn’t been that exciting to talk about — and the net result has kind of put things in a stasis. Notably though, Kopf has updated his complaint against us.

You can find details in our prior coverage, but it boils down to this: LC Ceo and owner Ryan Kopf (who currently runs Anime-Zap!, AniMinneapolis, Anime Midwest, QC Anime-zing!, Con Alt Delete, Meta Con, Yoi Con, and Kanpai!Con) doesn’t like some of the negative press we’ve written about his conventions. I (as the sole owner of Nerd & Tie) am being sued over these articles, while Pher was added to the suit after promoting my initial GoFundMe on Facebook.

If you’re wondering what’s happening now then, we just got the case transferred to another court, but because of that it means the whole thing is going to drag on even longer (well into the spring summer). Mounting a legal defense is exceptionally expensive though, regardless of whether or not you’re in the right – so we’ve been fundraising both directly and through a GoFundMe.

Right now we’ve raised a combined $2148 (and I’m grateful to everyone who has donated), but it’s nowhere near what we need. It is vital we get to at least $5000 to keep the lights on here. Even if you can only give a few dollars, it’d be massively appreciated if you could pitch in. If you’re willing, you can fund our GoFundMe at GoFund.Me/nerdandtie, or if you want to give directly let us know.

Please help us keep this ship sailing.

The Nerd & Tie Expo Road Show Continues to Geek.kon!

We’ve had a lot of fun at other conventions with the Nerd & Tie Expo 2016 Roadshow, but as the con looms closer, it’s time to bring things to a close. That doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy our last outing though! This weekend we’ll be making our final stop at Geek.kon at the Madison Marriott West, just outside Madison, WI.

This will be your last chance to Preregister for the Nerd & Tie Expo at our Roadshow price, so don’t miss this last opportunity. Of course, as preregistration closes on Sunday, even if you can’t make it to Geek.kon, you should still make sure you take care of that.

Besides our Roadshow table, we’ll also be doing a live version of our podcast, several panels, and the final episode of Otaku Tonight — so you should make sure you come on down. It’ll be a good time.

So Ryan Kopf is Suing Me… Again

We do a lot of stuff here at Nerd & Tie. We produce a podcast, are helping start a new convention, and provide in-depth coverage of the con scene. That last bit is one of the things we’re most proud of, but is also what’s led to some of our biggest headaches.

As those of you who follow this site may be aware, for the first half of 2016 I found myself fighting a lawsuit LC CEO Ryan Kopf filed against me in the state of Iowa. It was over some of the coverage of his events I’ve written over the last couple of years (mostly these two articles). He later amended the suit to include Nerd & Tie co-creator and contributor Pher Sturz.

It should be noted that Pher was added to that suit solely because of posts made on his personal Facebook page in support of me.

Eventually things ended, with the case against myself and Pher Sturz being dismissed on jurisdictional grounds. We had hoped that would be the end of this situation, but unfortunately rather than take the minor PR hit and move on, Mr. Kopf has decided to keep this going.

Late last week both Pher Sturz and I were served once again.

You see, Ryan Kopf has had his attorneys refile the case in the state of Illinois in late June. You can read the new petition (2016-M3-003898) here, but it is almost identical to the amended petition filed in the Iowa case. Pher and I are both named, along with Nerd & Tie itself (although that last bit is less important as Nerd & Tie is not its own legal entity — as I am the sole legal owner of the site).

Now, as I said last time, I don’t want to discuss details, but I still stand by what I wrote.

Unfortunately though, legal fees and lawyers are not exactly cheap, and we expect costs to be much higher this time around. So while we hate to do it, we’re asking for your help again.

I’ve launched a new GoFundMe campaign, and if you can help contribute we’d appreciate it. We’re asking for $6,000 right now, although we may need more down the road. I know it’s a lot of money, but theres a good chance this case is going to drag out longer than the last one.

Honestly we appreciate any help you can give us.